Dairy of a bird dog; Kellie, 1987, Page Two

Nov 19, 1987
I took Kellie and hunted around home today, by myself. The finally got the corn out on all of D****'s ground! Across the road she pointed a covey really nice in the first fence across the road. I got one. She pointed some singles, but wasn't holding them well, so I let them fly off without shooting them. She's still acting crazy from the other day with Jay and Kathy. She chased some deer off on the 3rd fence today and it took me 45 minutes to get her back. I'm gonna fix her little red wagon on that. Don P****** told me to get a bottle of deer pee at Pamida and tie a rag tight on her collar and soak it in that deer pee and let her wear that for a few days. Supposed to make them hate the smell of deer. I'm not looking fwd to that treatment.

Nov 22, 1987 A nice clear day, but a bit windy. Kellie and I hunted around the house with Scott and Tim again. Kellie pointed a covey really nice going up the first fence. But the birds are getting smart and they ran out and flushed out the other side of the fence. Kellie worked some singles and I got one that she retrieved perfectly for us. Had planned to hit the NRD ground today, but we didn't get over there. I don't plan to hunt tomorrow. I think Kellie needs a little break. She chased some deer off today, going up the second fence again. I'd seen this little trick before so I hightailed it across to the 3rd fence. That's what the deer do and they did it again, up the 2nd fence, across and then back down the 3rd fence with Kellie chasing all the way. So this time I got to the trail and hid behind a tree before the deer got around and pretty soon, here they come, 4 of them. Went by me so close I could have touched them. I don't even think they knew I was there they went by in such a rush. A moment later, here comes Kellie!! I jumped out and tackled her, pinned her down and gnawed on her ear a bit. I then leashed her and took her home to her box without a word. I'm gonna leave her sit there and think about it for a day or two now.
1 quail

Nov 24 1987 Hunted around home today, light rain and cloudy, getting colder. Kellie found a covey in a new place, about the old quarry in a little ravine with a few stunted cedars along it. She pointed them and I'm pretty sure she could see them. I got one on the rise and one single we later found down in the creek where they landed. Kellie jumped a buck and chased him off down there, but she stopped and came all the way back when when I whistled at here. Loved her up good for that, not that she cared. But I think she'd cured of the deer thing!!
2 quail

Nov 26, 1987 (Thanksgiving Day) Hunted around here again with Sue's brother, Zane. Kellie busted the first covey. They're on to us!! Later she pointed some scattered birds and Zane and I each knocked one down. Kellie retrieved nicely. We tried to find some singles from the first covey as well, with no luck. Kellie brought in a wounded bird on the way back, we must have hit it while working over those scattered birds on the way out. Kellie also pointed another single on the way back home that she held a long, long time for Zane. It was really cool. The bird flew very low and Zane could not shoot. Dang. It was rainy, cold and windy today.
3 quail

Nov 27, 1987 Ray came down and we hunted around here again today in the afternoon. Rainy, cold, freezing, snow. Miserable conditions, which is why we didn't go anywhere else. The worst day we've hunted in so far. Kellie pointed a single over behind Mrs. S****. Where the rest of them were, I have no idea. Got two coveys pointed over on the NRD land though, that was cool. We got two birds. Missed some singles in the heavy scrub brush down there. I've got permission on a new place tomorrow and will check it out by myself then.
2 quail

Nov 28, 1987 I went over to the Meisinger property that I just got permission to hunt on this morning. Nice area, a bit swampy in places. Should be some birds in there at sometime. 3-4 inches of snow on the ground today and still coming down. Very cold. Didn't get any pheasant up, but Kellie did find one covey out there. I got one on the rise and then let them. Come back over to the NRD ground. Kellie find a huge covey right away. They flushed wild but didn't fly far. Kellie worked the singles nicely and I got two. The weather today and yesterday has been absolutely the worst, but Kellie has found and pointed 5 coveys over the last 2 days in the snow.

Dec 1, 1987 Hunted around home with John T. Very, very cold. Kelly found 3 hens over by Mrs. S place. No quail today at all. She pointed them very well. I wish some roosters had been in there with them.

Dec 2, 1987 A great hunt today!! 6" of snow of the ground and very sunny. Kellie found 5 and maybe 6 coveys today and I killed 5 birds. She found the first covey over west of the first fence in the middle of all that junk. Kellie had them but they went out and I couldn't get a shot. Didn't try to find any singles there. No more birds on the first fence, but lots of tracks of pheasants and quail about in the snow. the 2nd fence, about halfway up and off in a small drainage a rooster flushed wild. I'll come back with some 4's and get him another time. At the end of the fence there were 3 hens in there and Kellie pointed them all together. Then came back and pointed again after chasing them off and up comes this nice rooster. Started over to the 3 fence and Kellie goes on point again. I thought it was another rooster but I stepped right into a huge covey of quail. The first shot folded a **** bird and the second shot scratched down another bird that hit the ground running, Kellie was right on that bird. Another bird went down with my third shot as well. A sleeper would have been number 4, but I was empty when he came up! We came back to where bird #3 went down and Kellie goes on point about 30 feet out in the field, out in the open. The had some down and crawled right down the stems of a few brown weeds sticking up out of the snow. She was pointing right there so I dug him out and he was still alive with a broken wing. We then cut over to the 3rd fence where I knew some of the singles had gone. Kellie pointed a brushpile and come out with a very dead, but warm quail. Sometimes you hit them and the fly off! Kellie then found yet another covey sitting out in the pasture, which I didn't even shoot at. Then we went over and hunted around the field by Mrs. S's house and she found 2 more covey's going around there. I only shot one more bird there. Missed the 2nd bunch clean on purpose and just tossed one of the warmer birds I had in my bag for her to retrieve when she came back from chasing them off. We both did good today.
5 quail

Dec 4, 1987
Hunted pretty much the same beat today as yesterday. Only found 2 coveys today, though. Both over by Dorothy's place. Kellie worked singles much better today. Had to chase one down by myself after I scratched it down as Kellie was off being Kellie at the time. She retrieved 2 others though.
3 quail

Dec 10, 1987
Things turned around today for Kellie!! We've been out a bit the past week, but nothing really to write about. Bad weather and not many birds to be found. Today was sunny and dry for the first time in about a week. Kellie and I went by ourselves over to the NRD ground and she had a covey in about a minute flat. I got two on the rise and left the singles for later. I lost her as we were finishing up there. I found her up on the old road, on point. She had been there awhile. I gotta get her a beeper. The covey went and I drew and "click". The empty from the covey rise earlier was still in the chamber. My favorite new trick. I shucked the empty and still got one one the rise. Kellie retrieved it well. We went over to Dorothy's and she got away from me and I found her again in Campbell's weed patch, all locked up. She is sure pretty on point. She had been there at least 10 minutes. The covey went and I pulled my other favorite shotgun trick, missed them all with two shots, too early and too late. By my count I've shot 40 quail over Kellie to date in this her first season of hunting.

Dec 12, 1987
Around home with Kellie today. The birds are getting too smart for us around here. The first covey up the first fence flushed wild. Kellie found, but didn't work the singles very well, so I held of shooting, waiting for her to do it right through about 5 tries. I had a shot at a bunny further on down the fence and when I sent Kellie in there she locked on on point and a quail came out when I walked over there. The bunny was laying about 10 feet from where the quail flushed. I naileld it. A ways on, she found another single and finally held it good, even with having to relocate once. I nailed it. She had another nice single later on the second fence that I missed. Over behind Mrs. S***** house, she had really nice covey find before we quit. I got one and as I'm standing there taking the bird from Kellie, this hen comes fluttering back on the wind and lands at my feet. Pellet though a wing. I've learned that many times when you shoot on the covey rise, you hit birds you weren't shooting at. I'm not surprised by anything anymore.
3 quail 1 bunny

Dec 18, 1987
Got one quail while out around here yesterday. Kellie is strangely stepping on quail today and yesterday. Not sure what is up. They could be scrambling more now, especially these birds we've hunted all season now and she's just not quite used to that. I don't think she's busting them on purpose. She did point a nice rooster over in one the drainages in the waterway across from the house today. I made a nice shot for her.
3 quail

Dec 20, 1987
Went to Lincoln to hunt with Zane today. Clear, warm and windy. Kellie had some quail about 20 seconds after we started over there today. Some farm a friend of his has where they've raised and released a ton of pheasants this year. Milo fields, all cut. Kellie worked a rooster a long way out on a windbreak and nailed him at the end. I got him and he had a tail over 25 inches long and good spurs. I don't think he was released this year. Birds everywhere out in one huge old milo field. Really too many birds to point or work well with them running and flushing all over like that. A good education for the dog. That must be what it's like in SD!

Dec 23, 1987
We had a very memorable hunt over near Beatrice with Art, Bob H and some other guys who lived other that way that Art knows. They had some good spots. We started by pushing some milo fields. Saw lots of birds, but had little shooting. I made an easy shot on one rooster and missed an easier shot on another. Then I knocked another one down later on over Art's dog Jack and when Jack went to retrieve it, he couldn't find it. Then right where we were standing up comes a rooster right under our feet. So I shot it again. Must have been the same bird.
Later on, we had Gunner (one of Art's field champions) down with Kellie and we got a bit seperated along a ditch that was forking off down through a cut milo field. Gunner went on point and it turns out it's a crippled quail. We came on them and Kellie backed really nice on her own. Gunner finally just ran it down as it couldn't fly. The other hunters had other birds down in the area, so I put Kellie to work and she found a bird immediately that Gunner and another dog had been looking for 15 minutes.
Later, Kellie chased off a rabbit and 20 minutes later I found her on point, on the only real covey find we had all day. Jack and Gunner come up and back her. The birds go and I scratch one down that actually flutters around and then lands close to on of the other hunters. Kellie gets over there with Gunner and Kellie points it again, Gunner backs. The quail can't fly (or so we think) and Kellie finally just nabs it and as she's bringing it over to me, Gunner mugs her and steals the quail from her mouth! The cad!!
Then Gunner proceeds to start to eat the quail!! Art collars him and makes him give up the bird, which he tosses to me, but in mid arc to my hand, in the air, the bird takes flight and goes roaring off. From where I am, the bird is flying right at the trucks, but Bob has a better angle and dumps it with his model 21 right into the heaviest plum patch within 50 miles. Kellie finally dug the dead bird out of there and we were finally able to go home! So much trouble over a 4 oz. quail!!

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