Some new
catfishing pictures !!


A nice start on catfish in 2005

Feb 26, 2005
A nice start for the year. Our first time out!
We only got 2 bites all afternoon.
The other fish we missed, but we didn't miss this one!!
29"/14.5 lbs, this fish was released.

Nothing like a little cutbait after dark

June 28, 2005
Finally got a nice cat! Nothing like a little cut bait in the middle of the night. Everyone in the boat got one like this before we left.
About 5 or 6 lbs and in spawning condition. Released.

We caught 18-20 Nebraska Master Angler sized Channel catfish in 2004.
Our goal for 2005 is to catch 30 Nebraska Master Angler sized catfish in 2005
and at least one big cat over 30 lbs. Hope to see some of you out there!

All of these fish were released after posing for these pictures, unless otherwise noted.

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