Bird dog owners come from all walks of life, ages, genders and activities. Being a bird hunter has it's special challenges that we all must meet and conquer. From the weekend hunter who just takes the family pet out to the old place to chase a few birds now and again to those who haul a trailer full to several states all season long and then continue to run their dogs in bird dog trials and tests year 'round, it's never easy. These pursuits can sometimes be a hazard to health, checkbook and family life, as well all know. So as a publice service to our readers I would like you to please take a moment and take The Checkcord's "You might be a a Bird-Dogger..." test to see how you and your dogs score. (Keep track of the points of all of your "Yes" answers to see where you stand)

You just might be a bird-dogger if....


1-20 pts - mild bird-dogitis; go buy another puppy this instant!

20-30 pts - moderate acute bird-dogitis - the only know cures are a weekend hunting trip with the dog or a new shotgun. (Better do both just to be sure!) 30-40 pts - severe chronic bird-dogitis - Treatment with multiple non-resident licenses has been know to be successful. You and your dog must attent the Rick Smith 12-step program and watch re-runs of "Huntin' with Hank" for 24 hours straight, two times a month for the next year. 50+ pts - Terminal bird-dogitis- Hi Mark, see you on Saturday!
-The Bird Dog Bookshelf-