A Picture Essay; Colome, South Dakota
October 2002

Armbrusts Cactus Freckles MH
October 2002, Colome, SD
the old guard can still pin down the roosters!
owned by Steve Wagle

Rose Prettiness
That's what happens when you let a 4 year-old name your dog!
A truly fine bird dog, nonetheless
one of the best pheasant dogs I've ever seen
Rose is only 3 years old.
Owned by Neil Weidner of Sioux City, IA

Photo courtesy of Itaru Tanaka
L to R; Mr. Hisashi Nakano, Sala and Steve
4 inches of new snow, twenty degrees
30 mile per hour winds,
a young dog and lots of birds
Yeah Baby!!...Yeah!!!

Photo courtesy of Itaru Tanaka
Senna points her first rooster during a training session!!

Photo courtesy of Itaru Tanaka
Freck's Twisted Angel
Nailing one of the first of dozens of
pheasants shot over her points this year.
Owned by Steve Wagle
(the dog now believes she is owned by Neil Weidner becauses Neil's kids
have been allowing her to sleep in the house and eat fruit loops from the table since August.
Despite this abuse, Boss, at 3 years of age, has developed into a world class bird dog.)

L to Right: Steve, Mr. Hisashi Nakano & Mr. Itaru Tanaka of Japan (apparently with "Bossy", one of the ranch's blue heelers...why is the dog named Bossy, you ask??... don't ask....) and
host Neil Weidner of Dakota Prairie Ringnecks
October 28, 2002 Colome, SD.