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Jan. 14, 1995, Cass County, NE

The shot had been text book perfect. In just below the midline at the next to the last rib on the near side and out just behind the far shoulder at the same height. A voice interrupted my post-mortem. It was my pal, Art, coming over to see what all of the shouting was about. "Watcha got there?". "A big one!", announced Steph, now officially in charge of PR of the trophy. "Yea, I'd say so," he said in his best good ol' boy drawl, "we got a piece of work cut out for us now. Mike got a doe over there when they came through." "And you?", I wanted to know. This was Art's first deer hunt and I hoped he had at least gotten a shot off. "Yeah, well,", he laughed, "there are a bigger than quail, but they fly about the same!!" " Deer don't fly!", Steph challenged. "Wait til you try to shoot one!", I shot back. We all giggled and snorted. It was easy to laugh at a missed shot today. We agreed to meet on the nearby jeep road after both deer were dressed out and tagged. Art would bring in his 4x4 to get us and our prizes back to civilization, saving a drag that would've taken until dark to reach the main road.

As it was, by the time we cleared the check station and told and retold our adventure at the local gun shop and then drove home to hang Mr. Big in the garage and get leaned up, it was nearly 5 o'clock. As we sat in the drive through lane waiting for our order, Steph, the exhilaration of the hunt being finally consumed by the need for something fried, had these words of wisdom: "Dad, I think when you go deer hunting, before you shoot a deer, you should eat lunch first!". So since I have to attribute our good luck to the chemistry of just being together, father and daughter, to share what would've been a fabulous day even if we had decided to eat lunch and abandon our drive. I guess the only items I have to offer in the way of advice here for the deer hunters of America is to #1) take your child out with you as soon as he/she can even hang with it for half a day, both of you will never forget it, plus, #2) wear unicorn earrings while hunting and most importantly, #3) pack a lunch.

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