This is the page that started The Checkcord, the very first thing I ever posted in 1996.

In 1996, on newsgroup rec.hunting.dogs, the topic of how to free your dog, should she become caught in a Conibear Trap, was raised.

I posted a response, and I wanted to post my intructions here as well, and to include some drawings to clarify the matter and The Checkcord was born.

Always be prepared for the unthinkable; it could save your dog's life!!
The Conibear Trap- Shown in sprung position. Carry 2 long, strong, boot-type shoestrings with you at ALL times.
To release the trap, tie one end of a shoestring to the top loop of the spring where it runs along the jaws, run the shoestring through the bottom spring loop and then back through the top spring loop.
Then, stand on the trapchain, pinning the trap to the ground and haul up on the shoestring This will compress spring. Pull and take up the shoestring until both sides of the spring meet. Tie off the shoestring and repeat the process on the other side of the trap, if necessary.

Time is of the essense, should your dog fall victim to a Conibear. Act quickly!

Go to a trapper, borrow a Conibear from him in the summer for a week or two and PRACTICE your technique!!